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Uncork’d Entertainment brings photos of the violent wild west in the upcoming Once Upon A Time In Deadwood, starring Robert Kovacs “Bronzi” and Michael Pare. The first stills have been released, teasing cowboys in Mexican standoffs and quick-draw shootouts.

A notorious gunslinger is slipped a slow-acting poison by a rich heiress. The poisoned gunslinger is then told he has three days to live. In three days, he has to track down and rescue the heiress’ sister, who has been kidnapped and holds the antidote. 

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Once Upon A Time In Deadwood:

5) The Crew!

Once Upon A Time In Deadwood

Rene Perez directs from his screenplay, with Jeff Miller (The Toybox) also contributing to the story. With Ronnie D. Lee (Ouija House) on board as producer, Ron Lee Productions joins Millman Productions on the project. 

4) The Cast!

With Bronzi playing the gunslinger and Pare being the baddie, the cast includes Karin Brauns, Lauren Compton, Chris Matteis, Justin Hawkins, Tony Jackson, and Sierra Sherbundy.

3) The Setting

Once Upon A Time In Deadwood

The film shot recently in Western Leone, near Almeria, Spain. This is the legendary site from much of the filming of the famous Sergio Leone/Charles Bronson western masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In The West.

2) It’s A Western!

“I was pleased with how Death Kiss turned out with Rene and Bronzi,” sates Miller. “We’re filming at some of the same locations where Bronson filmed 50 years ago on the classic Once Upon A Time In The West, so I hope that bodes well in the making of what I’m sure will be another exciting — and blood-soaked — film.”

1) Get Your Cowboy Hat!

Once Upon A Time In Deadwood

I’m a huge fan of The Toybox, which was a female-driven horror story! I loved the Rene/Bronzi team-up with Death Kiss and Cry Havoc. I can’t wait to also see the Bronzi’s prison break action flick, Escape From Death Block 13! You have no idea how hooked I am with Once Upon A Time In Deadwood!

Once Upon A Time In Deadwood will be finished in mid-2019.

By Jorge Solis

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