RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #2, BOOM! Studios

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More than just an ‘80s flashback, RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #2 (BOOM! Studios) captures the grittiness of the cyberpunk genre through biting social commentary. Writer Brian Wood and artist Jorge Coelho push the narrative forward with their imaginative reboot of the Robocop franchise.

With growing unrest in the Ruins, OCP is actually encouraging civilians to report on their neighbors. The Ruins has now become a powder keg. And now the OCP handing out the matches.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #2:

5) What Happened Before…

In the first installment, RoboCop realizes he has outlived everyone he knows, becoming an urban tale for the hopeless. Rising on a bigger scale, Corporations have taken over the schools and the government. Leo Reza, a rebellious youth , thinks he has a way to hurt the corrupt system.

4) The Writing!

Continuing with the the film’s social commentary, writer Brian Wood takes jabs at conservative talk shows. Notice how the talk show hosts aren’t commentating on the news; they’re giving out orders. Wood emphasizes how law enforcement, which is just robots, has been programmed to to target minorities .

3) The Artwork!

Artist Jorge Coelho captures the return of RoboCop, who’s stripped of his armor. Since hiding from the public eye, RoboCop has been living with the lower class.  Because he dresses like the poor people around him, RoboCop wears an over-sized sweatshirt and covers his face with a hoodie.

2) The Colors!

My favorite part is when the drones start attacking RoboCop. Colorist Doug Garbark highlights the fire from the burning building, where the light source is coming from, Noticed how the antagonists are covered in a green hue.

1) A Fun Read!

Taking the franchise to a new direction RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #2 rejuvenates the series with its bold commentary. I can’t wait to see what happens in the third installment.



Three out of four emojis

RoboCop: Citizens Arrest #2 arrives in stores on May 9th, 2018.

By Jorge Sols

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