Rugged N Raw Mercenary, Mercenary

(Courtesy of Raw Impaq/5th Column)

While listening to the powerhouse tracks of Mercenary, Rugged N Raw’s unfiltered rhymes will sear into your consciousness because of his punkish delivery and absurd humor. Heavy and nimble, there is an overpowering loudness from the memorable six-track EP.  

Raw, witty, truthful and relatable music.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Rugged N Raw’s Mercenary:

5) Night Owl!

With the intoxicating power of wordplay, Night Owl starts off with its own character and style. With a kick-ass beat and rant, the catchy track captures such muscular and vigorous music. Night Owl sets up the tone for the rest of the EP, which never loses its sense of direction.

4) Esquire!

The following track, Esquire, explores the unifying thread between hip-hop and punk. With its fancy sampling of a guitar groove, Rugged N Raw maintains his consistency of bratty antics and anarchic noise.

3) Lane Bryant Model!

My favorite among the six tracks, “Lane Bryant Model” has everything; from the best rhyme schemes, the bombastic percussion, and the amplified riffs. There’s a sense of playfulness with the lyrics, which is why the quotable line, “I Want A Lane Bryant Model/Rolling In My Bed,” is definitely worth repeating aloud.

2) Say Goodbye!

Ending with a funk sampling, “Say Goodbye,” Rugged N Raw’s lyricism shares his genuine interests with pop culture and early soul jazz. Though it’s the slowest among all the tracks, it’s really not a boring slog to listen to. There’s attention brought to the actual lyricism, while giving the sample some air to breathe.

1) Listen To This!

A massive compilation of greatness, Rugged N Raw’s Mercenary is skillfully created and magically blended of immense talent. I just wish there was more after listening to these six memorable tracks.

Rugged N Raw’s Mercenary is available on all streaming platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

By Jorge Solis

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