5 Reasons To Get ‘Son Of Hitler’ (Image Comics)!

Anthony Del Col, Son Hitler, Image Comics

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An intriguing and thought-provoking spy thriller, Son of Hitler (Image Comics) has a unique personal feel thanks to its smarty written storyline and mesmerizing artwork. This never-before-told tale of Adolf Hitler’s secret child examines how he was the true key to ending World War II.

In 1944 Occupied France, a rogue British agent reveals to a young baker’s assistant the true identity of his father, thus recruiting him for a dangerous mission that will end the greatest threat of World War II. Out of respect to the innocent and the dead all the names in this story have been changed…

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Son of Hitler:

5) The Writing!

Writer Anthony Del Col and Geoff Moore deliver a complex story, that cleverly drifts between two protagonists, to achieve such gripping thrills. The writing duo crafted a dense puzzler that racks together elements of anxiety, paranoia, and espionage. Just when readers think they know who’s the hunter and hunted, an unexpected plot twist is thrown in that shakes everything up.

4) The Characters!

With Jeff McClelland’s lettering heightening the suspense, British agent Cora Brown is an enigma who double-speaks her true intentions. You’re not quite sure if she’s fooling with Pierre, the misguided baker’s assistant, or sending him to his death. A tragic figure, Pierre asks the Shakespearean question, “How do I not become my father?”

3) The Artwork!

Artist Jeff McComsey captures the recklessness of Pierre’s actions, who mostly improvises out of anger. In his closeups, Pierre expresses such broken-hearted emotions and uncontrollable rage. Interestingly, notice how Cora has a femme fatale vibe going for her as she smokes during an interrogation.

2) The Colors!

The color palette makes great use of black, white, and grey tones, recalling classic films such as The 39 Steps. The black hues take over the panels when the action sequences turn bloody.

1) A True Masterpiece!

An enormously entertaining read, Son of Hitler delivers the chase, suspense, and action in its high stakes game of espionage. With two interesting leads, the storyline also comes with such superb and stylish illustrations.



Four out of four emojis

Son of Hitler arrives in stores June 20th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis

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