Tricks Treats, Beauty Horror

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing)

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween season, IDW Publishing announces the new installment in Alan Robert’s best-selling coloring book series with The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats. Check out what the Life of Agony bassist/comic book creator will do to take Mischief Night to a whole new level!

Ghouliana has already dismantled Christmas with The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas coloring book. So now it’s time to turn her attention to Hallow’s Eve with brand-new FANG-tastic designs! 

Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats:

5) Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Creator Alan Robert explains why he’s never seen anything like this before, “The passion of Beauty of Horror fans around the world continues to blow my mind, and it’s truly because of their creativity that this series is such a crazy success.”

4) Creepy New Characters!

Robert adds, “Seeing what they accomplish through their color work every day, inspires me to expand Ghouliana’s universe even more. Expect lots of creepy new characters to be introduced in Tricks and Treats this year!”

3) New FANG-tastic Designs!!

With one-sided, perforated pages measuring 7” x 7”, Tricks and Treats allows you to decorate your GORE-geously macabre masterpieces for everyone to see!

2) A Distinct Style!

In our previous interview, Robert described how The Beauty of Horror changed his career, “Back then, I never dreamed this would become a bestselling series. So, I’d say that over the course of drawing all of these books, it gave me more confidence as an artist. And I think I found a distinct style along the way.”

1) Check Out This Spooky New Treat!

If you liked the teaser, make sure you preorder a copy of The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats!.

The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats arrives in stores September 3rd, 2019! 

By Jorge Solis