Suits Season 8 episode 14, USA Network

(Courtesy of Shane Mahood/USA Network)

USA Network continues Season 8 of the popular lawyer drama, Suits, starring Gabriel Macht and Katherine Heigl, with Episode 14: Peas in a Pod. Now that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has left the firm, is lawyer Harvey Specter (Macht) ready to get back in the game and take on new court cases?

Since we last left them, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) has been leading the firm as Managing Partner and now Dr. Lipschitz needs his help. Thomas Kessler (Sasha Roiz)  and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) are getting really cozy with each other. Before entering the office, Harvey gets a surprise visit from Scottie (Abigail Spencer).

While Katrina (Amanda Schull) are working on a case with Samantha (Heigl), the two are blindsided by Scottie in court. Samantha swears revenge on Scottie, which gets Harvey in their crosshairs. Samantha points out that Harvey didn’t even have her back.  

SUITS — “Peas in a Pod” Episode 814 — Pictured: Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

Meanwhile, Alex (Dule Hill) is having problems with his own case. In his case, the widower claims the device failed to notify him of his dead wife’s diabetes. The widower claims it was the company’s fault that his wife died. 

At first, Samantha discovers the dirt on Scottie. Her client has been faking the accounts, which Scottie already knew. Harvey came to Scottie with a settlement, but Scottie rejected his offer. The settlement would cause the judge to look into the fake accounts and Scottie is trying to save people’s jobs.   

Louis is conflicted because Dr. Lipschitz doesn’t want to believe he could misdiagnose a patient. But in order to prove Dr. Lipschitz is still good at his job, Louis has to show his client is dangerous at the stand. Dr. Lipschitz believes his client’s suicidal tendencies will resurface.  

After making her own decision, Katrina refuses to play dirty tricks on Scottie. Harvey and Samantha end up arguing over whether they can save Scottie from this mess. In the end, Samantha makes an offer to Scottie that she cannot refuse and hides the fake accounts from the judge.  

Louis ends up making a deal with the client and saves Dr. Lipschitz. In return, Dr. Lipschitz promise to return Louis’ emails in a timely and faster manner. Knowing the widower is right, Dule makes sure his client pays for a charity foundation.    

SUITS — “Peas in a Pod” Episode 814 — Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler, Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

While Donna ends up going out on her date, Harvey and Samantha end up having drinks. Samantha jokes about Harvey’s ex-girlfriends, he promises o send her a list. 

Suits continues Wednesdays at 10pm on USA Network. 

By Jorge Solis