Dark Wing #4,Dark Wing

With stunning visuals, Dark Wing #4 (Heavy Metal Elements) lays out the groundwork of its mythology in a character-driven installment. Dark Wing teases more of its romantic triangle while establishing the protagonist’s identity. 

Plot: “Nela and her classmates learn about the extraordinary journey that their planet, Tiberius, and the Quails have endured in order to survive and why they’ve been sailing for centuries through the stars in search for a new home. Meanwhile, Dor-Fu and the Council of Cobras share some new developments that shock Benedict Gunn.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Dark Wing #4:

5) The Characters!

Previously, readers discovered Ben, the captain of the Dark Wing, is actually having an affair with Pon, the ship’s mechanic. There’s also someone else that Ben has been holding his feelings for. The unrequited love scenario causes a wedge between him and Pon. In this writer’s opinion, we’re seeing Ben outside of his role as a leader and discovering him as a fallible human being. 

4) The Writing!

With his main protagonist, writer Matthew Medney examines Gunn outside of his role as captain. There’s a major scene between Gunn interacting with Nela. Gunn is more humorous and playful with Nela, who’s just a little kid—almost as if he were letting his guard down. The lettering by Saida Temofonte depicts Gunn as someone who wants more out of his life, outside his role as a war hero. 

3) The Art!

Towards the second act, artist German Ponce does a fantastic job presenting the rich history and mythology through spectacular visuals. Ponce illustrates the epic scope of the futuristic backdrop through Cell (Collective Experiential Living Life-Form)’s narration. Notice how the imagery of facial expressions adds more depth to the exposition. 

2) The Colors!

The holograms in the narrative are highlighted by Protobunker Studios’ glossy colors. I am a huge fan of the dialogue balloons having their own specific color because the visuals look straight-up interesting. When Cell speaks, the colors remind readers that they’re following someone who’s not human and the setting is in the far future. 

1) A Fast Read!

After four issues in, there has not been a single disappointment with Dark Wing! I love how this comic book is able to invest itself with its characters while having fun with the sci-fi genre.

Dark Wing #4 is available now.

By Jorge Solis