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Incredibly feisty and wonderfully absurd, Mother Trucker #1 (Lethal Comics) is a joyous love letter to wrestling fans and ‘80s action movies. With a badass lead and an ensemble of tough-talking oddballs, Mother Trucker is definitely on its way to becoming a cult classic phenomenon. 

Plot: “A sci-fi saga about a space-truckin’, ass-stompin’, wrestle goddess, who’s on a quest to find her long lost daughter and become the greatest trucker of all time and the Champion of Truck Off, the Wrestlemania of the starways.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Mother Trucker #1:

5) She’s Such A Badass!

Suzy Q is the absolute definition of a badass anti-hero. The sunglasses and red flannel shirt add to the rough attitude and campy character design. Just about on every page, she gets the chance to bust out those biceps. She even has a finishing move during her wrestling match!

4) The Writing!

Right from the start, readers will instantly recognize the love for wrestling that writer/artist Andy Belanger, aka “The Animal Bob Anger,” has. One of the supporting characters, Big Rig, looks like a combination of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. The lettering by Serge Lapointe is booming with loud quirks and off-the-wall personalities.

3) The Artwork!

The visuals for the wrestling matches are hyperactive and impulsive. When Suzy gets in the wrestling ring, the illustrations look like they’re straight out of a video game, particularly Street Fighter. A clever nod to the cyberpunk genre, I find it interesting that the future of Earth—even the dive bars—-has become industrialized.

4) The Colors!

The bouncy colors by Tatto Caballerro are incredibly stunning to look at. Your eyes will focus on the vibrant primary colors, like the blues and reds. Even Suzy’s truck comes to life because of its purple hues. 

1) A Fun Read!

The first issue of Mother Trucker is tremendously fun and rip-roaringly over-the-top. If you are a wrestling fan, there is so much here to enjoy! Having pledged to the Kickstarter campaign, I’m super happy that I supported this independent comic book. 

Readers can find out more about Mother Trucker here:

By Jorge Solis

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