Dying is Easy #1, IDW

A clever combination of neo-noir and crime, Dying is Easy #1 (IDW Publishing) is a visually sharp and sleek urban thriller. Excitingly well-written and uniquely drawn, readers will be instantly hooked with the first installment.

Carl Dixon is on the verge of comedy superstardom and he got there the dirty way: by stealing jokes. He’s got a killer act, an ugly past, and more enemies than punch-lines. So when someone asks Syd Homes how much it would cost to have Dixon killed, Syd isn’t surprised in the slightest. He’s already got a figure in mind…

5) The Writing!

Dying is Easy #1

Writer Joe Hill dives quickly into the headspace of Syd “Sh*t-Talk” Homes, a disgraced and former homicide detective. After handing his badge and gun, Syd recounts his worst experiences during his stand-up routine at a seedy comedy/strip club. Letterer Shawn Hill heightens every aspect of Syd’s personality; from his sleazy attitude to his depressing commentary on human nature.  

4) The Art!

Artist Martin Simmonds has a distinct character design for Syd Homes. In his introduction, Syd is wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt, untied sneakers, and his hair is thinning. Simmonds’ closeups captures a tortured soul who has lost his way and sunk so low in his depression. 

3) The Colors!

With an assist by Dee Cunniffe, most of the color palette is composed of purple, pinks, and dark blues. The color scheme breaks when the femme fatale is introduced into the narrative. Veronica, the strip club’s waitress, is made up of black and white tones.

2) Noir!

The first installment follows the ground rules of private eye tales, set up in Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep. The story starts off as one thing before getting into the main mystery. The comedy act in the first issue is a welcome change. 

1) A Thrilling Read! 

With a distinctive visual style, Dying is Easy #1 kickstarts a bold detective yarn. Really looking forward to what happens next!

Dying is Easy #1 arrives in stores on December 11th, 2019.

by Jorge Solis

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