Clown Fear, Trailer

Lionsgate delivers killer clowns and sexy runaway bridesmaids in the twisted trailer to Clown Fear, starring Sadie Katz and Courtney Akbar. Find out what happens when you get stranded in a city run by evil clowns!

In this creepy, chilling horror tale produced by Asif Akbar, Phillip B. Goldfine and co-writer/director Minh Collins, a runaway bride and her friends are stranded in a forgotten desert town full of sadistic, bloodthirsty clowns who don’t trust outsiders.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Clown Fear:

5) Courtney Akbar!

CLOWN FEAR – Arriving on DVD Digital and On Demand February 18 (Domestic U.S. release by Lionsgate) from Avail Entertainment LLC on Vimeo.

Actress Courtney Akbar, who was amazing in Astro, did a phenomenal job in Morbid Stories. With her onscreen charisma, Akbar managed to carry the entire segment just by herself. Really looking forward to watching her play the role of Kat!

4) Sadie Katz!

Not only is actress Sadie Katz starring in the horror flick as Carlee Summers, she also co-wrote the screenplay. Katz is absolutely fantastic in the office horror/comedy, Automation. In the trailer for Clown Fear, don’t blink and you might miss Katz kicking butt and smacking someone’s face with a shovel!

3) Bad Kids Go to Hell!

Augie Duke absolutely rocked as the slick Goth girl, Veronica Harmon, in the twisted Breakfast Club detention movie, Bad Kids Go to Hell! Duke also delivers one helluva knockout performance in Blood Craft! Can’t wait to see what she does here in Clown Fear as Mia Sandusky!

2) Elissa Dowling!

Elissa Dowling stands out thanks to her comedic chops, her punk-ish look, and lively personality in Automation! Keep your eyes out for Dowling as she plays the Court Jester in Clown Fear

1) Clown Will Eat Me!

The trailer teases a bunch of evil clowns getting their butts kicked by badass women! I’m all in!

Clown Fear arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand February 18th, 2020.

By Jorge Solis