Locke & Key: Dog Days, IDW

A nostalgic and lighthearted tale, Locke & Key: Dog Days (IDW Publishing) is an endearing adventure into the plush wonders of childhood past. I swear if you ever wanted to know how the author of NOS4A2 would remake The Little Rascals, here’s your chance!

Some doors, once closed, can never be opened again. While others shouldn’t be reopened ever again…

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Locke & Key: Dog Days:

5) The Writing!

As storytellers, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez surprisingly capture something unique and fun for all ages. Through three protagonists, Hill and Rodriguez have been able to combine slapstick comedy with fantasy. The lettering by Shawn Lee has to do two important things, be charming from the kids’ perspectives and carry winks towards the adult readers. 

4) The Artwork!

I swear two of the characters that Rodriguez drew look like Alfalfa and Spanky from The Little Rascals. I love the image within an image throughout the narrative. The gorgeous artwork is reminiscent of comic strips, with three panels leading towards a hilarious raunchy joke or a shocking revelation.   

3) The Colors!

The vivid colors by Jay Fotos focus on the backgrounds, which represent certain times during a 24 hour period. Readers start the narrative, at daytime on a bright and sunny morning and end the day near sunset. The kids look adorable and sweet in their green shorts. 

2) The Extras!

There’s also another Lock & Key tale, titled “Nailed,” and a 5-page preview of the upcoming series byHill and Martin Simmonds.

1) A Whimsical Read!

A rare kind of nostalgic fun, reader should not miss out on Locke & Key: Dog Days. I’m really looking forward to the Netflix series and second season of NOS4A2

Locke & Key: Dog Days is out in stores on November 6th, 2019

By Jorge Solis

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