Heist #2, Vault

A solid installment of clever deceptions and charismatic characters, Heist #2 (Vault Comics) is a highly energetic crime tale full of promise. Readers will be instantly hooked with the sci-fi premise of How to Steal a Planet.

A famous sniper, a gunsmith who despises him, and a groupie who bought all his clothes at auction: they’re the perfect crew Glane Breld needs to pull off history’s greatest con and steal an entire planet. But first, a few moderately unexpected assassination attempts and a surprise visit from a dog that is, without question, a good boy!

Here are 5 reasons why you should you read Heist #1:

5) Crime Does Pay!

Welcome to the planet Heist! It’s the cutthroat capital of the entire Nehring System, home to billions of the worst men and women in the galaxy. Conman Glane Breld is putting together his band of thieves. They’re going to steal the planet.

4) The Writing!

I really got a kick out of writer Paul Tobin’s introduction of Eddie, the womanizing pimp. It’s a fun and slick way of starting off the issue. I also really enjoyed how Tobin uses the sci-fi genre to play off The Forger, an archetype in these robbery scenarios, through Gaville. The lettering by Saida Temofonte goes a great job with the witty dialogue, especially when getting into the headspace of the antagonist, Samuel Reven.

3) The Artwork!

Artist Arjuna Susini plays up the voluptuous sex appeal in the eye-appealing illustrations. Susini uses humor to ramp up the slickness while illustrating female space aliens wearing nothing but lingerie and holding guns.  

2) The Colors!

The eye-popping colors by Vittorio Astone are really lively, especially in Eddy’s lounge. Notice how all the glass cups are composed of different tones. The female space aliens really stand out because of their bright blue and purple skin.

1) The Perfect Crime!

An incredibly fun read, Heist #2 aims to execute an elaborate robbery. Now that we know who these crooks are, I can’t wait to see how they plan to steal a planet. 

Heist #2 arrives in stores on December 11th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis