Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, Starburns

A fun-filled sci-fi adventure, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1-4 (Starburns Industries Press) perfectly blends a road trip comedy with intergalactic high stakes action. An aging wrestler will soon discover if he’s long past his prime when the fate of the world falls upon his hands to save it. 

When a disgruntled pro wrestler declares himself, “the galactic champ of the universe,” a planet of alien wrestlers view it as an act of war.

Here are 5 reasons to read Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia:

5) Wrestling & Sc-Fi!

The first installment does a great job examining Rory “Rick & Roll” Landell outside the wrestling ring. Rory doesn’t want to lose his championship title, but his bones are about to break. The second installment kickstarts the alien invasion as the White House falls under attack. Unbeknownst to Rory, everybody else wants to make money at the end of the world. 

4) The Writing!

Writers Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin know when to add depth to their protagonist, while throwing in moments of comedy and action to tighten the pacing. Interestingly, Rory “Rick & Roll” Landell starts out as a selfish jerk as the narrative gradually breaks down the reluctant hero.  The Lettering by A Larger World Studios brings out the humor onto the page by capitalizing Manifest Destiny’s name in giant letters.

3) The Art!

Artist Dan Schkade has an interesting character design for Rory, who looks like a mix between Rich Flair and Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. From a bygone era, Rory is stuck in the past because of his mullet. Rory may be all brawn and muscle, but his heart’s in the right place. 

2) The Colors!

The eye-popping colors by Marissa Louise are quite striking, especially when the aliens show up. During Rory’s bar brawl, the alien outfits are more vibrant and outlandish. Manifest Destiny stands out in the panels because of his long purple hair and gray metallic hands.

1) A Fun Read!

Right from the first page, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is wonderfully action-packed and colorfully designed. I can’t wait to read more!

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By Jorge Solis

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