Reality Queen!, Denise Richards

Bernheim Productions And High Octane Pictures run wild with its fast-paced spin on celebrity culture, Reality Queen!, starring Denise Richards and Julia Faye West. Full of ironic humor, writer/director Steven Jay Bernheim’s witty mockumentary captures its ensemble cast having fun as they slip into their zany characters.

“London” (Julia Faye West) is struggling to regain fame after being pushed out of the limelight by three Kardashian-type sisters named “The Kims.” London’s life is a self-indulgent maelstrom of product endorsements, talent managers, pet psychics, private jets, fashion shows, yachts, and a celebrity posse. Despite her wackiness, she ultimately makes it back to the top of the heap.

5) Denise Richards!

Denise Richards (left) and Kate Orsini (right)

As the self-absorbed Angelina Streisand, Denise Richards genuinely knows how to make a lovable and enjoyable lunkhead. Effortlessly, Richards nails each absurd line with hilarious precision and animates each scene with such lively energy. Richards does a great job displaying her comedic range in this movie.

4) Julia Faye West!

While carrying the over-the-top tone of the movie, Julia Faye West knows when to tell viewers they should be mocking London Logo and when they should be feeling sorry for her. London (West) has such a warped view on life, but she secretly knows what she’s doing. The absurd humor wouldn’t have worked without Julia Faye West as the lead!

3) Kate Orsini!

Julia Faye West (far left), Denise Richards (left), Kate Orsini (right), Loren Lester (far right)

As Diana Smelt-Marlin, Kate Orsini is fantastic as the “straight man” in the quirky comedy. Diana (Orsini) has these hilariously awkward moments where she is surrounded by not-so smart people, who aren’t even good people. Her reactions to the outrageousness are endlessly fun to watch! 

2) The Direction!

Director Steven Jay Bernheim doesn’t shy away from his mocking tone throughout the mockumentary. Bernheim mixes up the narrative with juvenile rhetoric, visual gags, and smart social commentary. 

1) Hollywood Satire!

As Hollywood satire, Reality Queen! takes aim at its target and doesn’t hold back. This is a fun comedy that enjoys spoofing its cultural references.

Reality Queen! will be in theaters on January 10, 2020.

By Jorge Solis

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