Undiscovered Country #1, Image

Lyrically dark, Undiscovered Country #1 (Image Comics) significantly sets up a compelling sci-fi adventure full of action, satire, and suspense. With an ensemble of interesting characters, Undiscovered Country leads readers straight into the premise and introduces an apocalyptic future grounded in science fact. 

In the near future, and an unknown nation that was once the United States of America—a land that’s become shrouded in mystery after walling itself off from the rest of the world without explanation over thirty years ago. When a team seeking a cure for a global pandemic breaches U.S. borders, they quickly find themselves in a struggle to survive this strange and deadly lost continent!

5) The Social Commentary!  

Undiscovered Country #1

What caused the entire world to construct a wall to keep anyone from getting out of the United States of America? Climate change has cause the waters to evaporate, leaving most of the landscape unbearable to live in. Pollution is causing a deadly virus to spread across at an alarming rate. 

4) The Writing!

At the heart of the narrative, writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule focus on a group of daring survivors struggling to make their world a better place to live. In a pulse-pounding opening, Dr. Charlotte Graves risks everything to save just one child from death. The lettering by Crank! establishes the slang of the dystopian future, such as Twists and Dusters.  

3) The Artwork!

The artwork by Guiseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orlandini does a great job illustrating the social class of this apocalyptic future. Notice how the military has the most advanced technology and weaponry. The lower class has now enslaved animals to push their outdated vehicles ahead.  

2) The Colors!

The vivid colors by Matt Wilson add a thick layer of pollution in the foul atmosphere. With water scarce, notice how the landscape has turned desert-like. Dr. Graves stands out from the rest of the group because of her punkish blue steak in her black hair.  

1) A Phenomenal Read!

Undiscovered Country #1 presents an apocalypse that feels all-too frightening real and close. I look forward to what’s ahead with Undiscovered Country

Undiscovered Country #1 arrives in stores on November 6th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis