Psi-Lords #3, Valiant

A fast-paced space adventure, Psi-Lords #3 (Valiant Entertainment) explores exotic planets while developing the camaraderie among the ensemble. The third installment spends time with the super-powered protagonists before the shocking twist takes place.

The cosmic foursome begins to master their jaw-dropping powers and unlock deeper meanings to their newfound abilities! Dangerous aliens have targeted the Quartet, and they’ll stop at nothing until they’ve eliminated the team. Plus, the lost history of the Psi-Lords revealed?!

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Psi-Lords #3:

5) What Happened Before!

Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank were a group of amnesiacs locked up in an otherworldly prison. Just as they were able to make their escape from the prison, the group discovers they are nowhere near Earth. Now, someone who they thought was dead is standing right in front of them, alive and well. 

4) The Writing! 

Writer Fred Van Lente does a great job with world-building and explores an unknown planet. While the exploration yes horribly wrong, Lente takes time to develop the relationship between Tank and Beacon. The lettering by Dave Sharpe matches the characteristic trait to each individual in in an integral scene.

3) The Artwork! 

Artist Renato Guedes does a great job illustrating the alien species known as The Widowers. The designs of the The Widowers look familiar; they have bird-like characteristics. The helmet has tubes coming in and out of mouth guard.

2) The Colors!

Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank have their own specific color tied to their suit and superpower. For example, orange represents creativity and red means instinct. Artisan is supposed be the builder and Hazard is the scholar. 

1) A Fun Read!

Sci-fi fans are going to really get a really big kick out of Psi-Lords #3! The Psi-Lords series cleverly combines space opera, prison break, and action into one helluva read!.

Psi-Lords #3 arrives in stores on August 21st, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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