Psi-Lords #4. Valiant Entertainment

A visually stunning space adventure, Psi-Lords #4 (Valiant Entertainment) leads its well-developed characters into an exciting interstellar battle. The fourth installment antes up the sci-fi action after a shocking plot twist.

Are the Psi-Lords real? Or are they just a myth? Get a first glimpse at the world beyond our own! After suffering a dramatic loss, the cosmic Quartet continues on with their mission to honor the memory of a fallen ally. The ultimate enemy revealed!

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Psi-Lords #4:

5) What Happened Before!

Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank were a group of amnesiacs locked up in an otherworldly prison. Just as they were able to make their escape from the prison, the group discovers they are nowhere near Earth. Now, someone who they thought could be trusted has shown their true evil side. 

4) The Writing! 

Writer Fred Van Lente delivers a suspenseful tale of the remaining members searching for answers after Beacon’s disappearance. They don’t realize that the person who could answer their questions is playing them. Notice how the lettering by Dave Sharpe changes when Scion speaks in an omnipresent tone.

3) The Artwork! 

Artist Renato Guedes captures a united team after losing one of their own. The wide shots of Artisan, Hazard, and Tank flying in space capture a determined group finally understanding their special powers. I love how Guedes illustrates an epic splash page when the traitor finally reveals himself in all his menace.

2) The Colors!

Notice how the color red is connected to Hazard’s suit and her fiery personality. The green tone holds a special significance during an integral flashback. In the flashback, are the memories manufactured or are they real?

1) A Fun Read!

Sci-fi fans are absolutely going to love the hell out of Psi-Lords #4! The Psi-Lords series cleverly combines space opera, prison break, and action into one knockout read! 

Psi-Lords #4 arrives in stores on September 18th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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