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Small Town Monsters presents an atmospheric and engaging docudrama with MOMO: The Missouri Monster, starring Lyle Blackburn and Elizabeth Saint. Co-writer/Director Seth Breedlove manages to cleverly blend two different mediums, a documentary and a creature feature, into one surreal movie where the viewer can’t tell which is which.  

The year was 1972 and the place was a tiny, quaint, riverfront town called Louisiana, Missouri. On a warm summer evening, two local kids saw a creature in their own backyard holding a dead dog. Before you could say the word “Bigfoot”, local media and police officials had pounced on the story. Overnight Louisiana became “monster central” with creature seekers and monster hunters combing the woods to look for “the thing” that the newspapers had dubbed “MOMO.” One particular family was at the center of this whirlwind of activity and as the Missouri Monster sightings began to increase, so did the negative impact on the Harrisons. In 1975, a film crew set out to tell an over-the-top, filmic version of the MOMO sightings. Due to one reason or another, this should-have-been-cult-classic was never released. Until now.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch MOMO: The Missouri Monster:

5) Lyle Blackburn!

MOMO: The Missouri Monster

As a charismatic screen presence, Lyle Blackburn will keep audiences riveted during the documentary aspect as the host of Blackburn’s Cryptid Casefiles. Blackburn’s engaging narration adds to the shock and awe of the rural sightings of MOMO. I honestly don’t believe in aliens and ghosts, but after watching Blackburn, I really want to believe a Missouri Monster exists. 

4) Adam Duggan!

Adam Duggan does a great job portraying Edgar’s average and blue-collar lifestyle. Edgar (Duggan) represents the patriarch of an economically struggling family. What should be an everyday matter for Edgar suddenly thrusts into the extraordinary. 

3) Elizabeth Saint!

MOMO: The Missouri Monster

As part of the 1975 nostalgic flick, Elizabeth Saint gives an amazing performance that perfectly sets up the over-the-top tone of the MOMO sightings. Saint has everything down pat, including the wardrobe and hairstyle of the time period. The opening sequence will definitely hook viewers right in.

2) The Direction!

Writers Seth Breedlove, Mark Matzke, and Jason Utes focus their narrative on a small town consumed by its own legend. Breedlove captures the eeriness of the woods as the monster hunters storm in with guns in hand. 

1) An Interesting Concept!   

With a creative premise at hand, MOMO: The Missouri Monster lives up to its potential. Audiences will definitely be intrigued by this one.  

 MOMO: The Missouri Monster arrives September 20th on DVD, as well as Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon Instant Video, and VIDI Space. 

By Jorge Solis

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