Punk Mambo #4, Valiant

Showing no restriction in attitude, Punk Mambo #4 (Valiant Entertainment) delivers the action and emotional content from its hard-rocking anti-heroine. Equal parts in horror and music, the Punk Mambo series continues to be a fun and exciting read from start to finish.

What does Azaire want with the loa he’s collected? Mambo reaches deep into her bag of tricks to level the playing field. Sex magic may or may not be involved. But voodoo dolls definitely are.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Punk Mambo #4:

5) What Happened Before!

Meet Punk Mambo, a hard-living voodoo priestess who grew up in London, then relocated to Louisiana’s Bayou Country. She’s a mystical mercenary for hire. Punk Mambo was investigating a series of abductions in the New Orleans gutter punk scene, when she uncovered a bigger mystery in Haiti. 

4) The Writing!

Adding much more dimension and mystery, writer Cullen Bunn dive into Punk Mambo’s headspace after suffering a big loss. Since her major defeat, Punk Mambo is left mentally broken and struggling to put herself back together. Dave Sharpe’s lettering reveals Punk Mambo’s inner thoughts as she shamefully stares at her cuts and bruises in the mirror.  

3) The Art!

Artist Adam Gorham does a great job capturing how mentally and physically weak Punk Mambo has become. You don’t even realize Punk Mambo has a tooth missing until Gorham cleverly sneaks in a close-up. Even though she’s been beaten down, Mambo still has that hard rocking spirit that won’t let her give up. 

2) The Colors!

My favorite part of José Villarrubia’s color palette occurs when Punk Mambo uses her magic during sex. From top to bottom, Punk Mambo is made up of yellow and reddish tones, to capture the climatic intensity. The light show visually tells readers that she’s using her powers to spice things up in the bedroom.  

1) A Punk Read!

Full of action and character development, Punk Mambo #3 steers the lead protagonist close to an epic conclusion! I can’t wait to read what happens next!

Punk Mambo #4 hits stores July 31, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis

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