Resurrected, Carnouche

The Resurrected (#1-5) Volume One (Carnouche Productions) delivers an atmospheric and suspenseful sci-fi thriller that capitalizes on its interesting premise. With the blending of different genres, The Resurrected does a great job exploring its societal themes. 

In 2037 the world as we know it has changed dramatically. With all the technological advancements of the age, the most significant came from Drexler Nanotech Corporation (DNC), who created a serum engineered to resurrect the dead. The ethical implications were widespread and the serum was ultimately banned the world over.

5) The Detective Tale:

Cain Duluth is one of the world’s last surviving Australians after the population was obliterated during a terrorist attack in 2032. Struggling to rebuild his life after his wife and daughter were killed in the attack, Cain works for the newly relocated United Nations on the man-made island of Nova Lucis, just off the east coast of the United States. With his partner, Akimi Ozaki, Cain works for the Special Division for the Resurrected (SDR); whose goal is to pursue and permanently detain Rezzies, individuals who have been resurrected using the prohibited serum. 

4) The Writing!

Writer/creator Christian Carnouche has crafted a thrilling tale that works as a police procedural and family drama. The more Cain Duluth discovers more about the conspiracy, the more secrets he uncovers about his family history. Letterer Cardinal Rae focuses on the dramatic tension between father and son as Cain confronts the truth.

3) The Artwork!

In a brilliant splash page, artist Crizam Zamora captures Australia in the midst of a terrorist attack. In epic wide shot, the bridge explosion has caused a slow-moving traffic jam. At a crime scene, notice how Cain uses the sci-fi tech to analyze the dead body at the crime scene.

2) The Colors!

The colors by Salvatore Aiala capture a moody atmosphere to enhance the suspenseful investigation. When Akimi and Cain break into the suspect’s home, they are both wearing black leather outfits. The black tones stand out when the walls are pure white.

1) Moody Police Drama!

 With an interesting premise, The Resurrected delivers a fine balance of sci-fi elements, police procedural, and family drama. Readers are going to love this mashup of genres. 

The Resurrected is available now. 

By Jorge Solis

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