Swimming Darkness, Arsenal Pulp Press

Strategically plotted, Swimming in Darkness (Arsenal Pulp Press) is a compelling mystery/suspense thriller that will keep audiences riveted. Imagine a stylish and brooding psychological thriller without a corpse, and you’ll get the gorgeously drawn Swimming in Darkness

Following a breakdown, Pierre drops out of architecture school and travels to Vals to visit the thermal springs complex that had been the subject of his unfinished thesis. Sketchbook in hand, Pierre is drawn to the enigmatic powers of the mountain and its hotel. He discovers secret rooms deep within the Therme Vals and attempts to uncover the truth about them. And he also finds a mysterious man named Valeret who’s similarly obsessed, and who’d like nothing more than to eliminate his competitor.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Swimming in Darkness:

5) The Legend!

Swimming in Darkness

Using the designs from award-winning architect Peter Zumthor as the backdrop, Therme Vals is the internationally famous hotel and spa complex in the Swiss Alps. Zumthor’s intention was not to have any clocks within the spa, so that time for its visitors was suspended. Now imagine if Therme Vals became the Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks, and you’ve got yourself one helluva Lynchian thriller.

4) The Writing!

The translation by David Homel does a great job focusing on Pierre’s coming-of-age tale. The opening starts out as cynical romantic comedy as Pierre struggles to get over his breakup with his ex. Lucas Harari has created an engaging and likable character who then starts his own private investigation, without having to carry a badge and gun. 

3) The Art!

The Swiss Alps become another interesting character in Harari’s well-crafted narrative. Notice how the white snow adds such a bleak tone and an atmospheric vibe. The well-detailed illustrations of Therme Vals captures a sinister architecture that reminds you of haunted settings, such as The Overlook Hotel from The Shining

2) The Colors!

In the opening pages, notice how the night club is drenched in red tones. Pierre stands out from the crowd because he is the only character drenched in blue tones.

1) A Lynchian Thriller!

Cinematically stylish, Swimming in Darkness has quite a steady hand when it comes to suspense and mystery. You will  be completely engrossed by this reading experience. 

Swimming in Darkness arrives on November 5th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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