Kickstarter has launched the autobiographical graphic novel, Arn Anderson: My Life As The Enforcer, from Source Point Press. Find out how the founder of the celebrated Four Horsemen became the wrestling icon.

The Plot: “A graphic novel memoir co-written by Arn Anderson detailing his life leading to — and then forever changing — professional wrestling.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should support Arn Anderson: My Life As The Enforcer:

5) The Creative Team!

 With the success of Butts in Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story, writer Dirk Manning will now be bringing Arn’s story to life in a similar and original graphic novel experience. Colm Griffin, who illustrated the namesake chapter from Schiavone’s comic, will be joining Shawn Daley (Samurai Gandpa) on art duties.

4) The Early Years!

Manning told Comicon, “Arn’s life is so fascinating that we could easily write several graphic novels about it – and maybe someday we will – but this book serves as a look at how his early years growing up in rural Georgia helped define his approach to the life of professional wrestling, including details and stories that have never been documented anywhere else ever before!”

3) Mullets And Muscles!

Griffin added: “Arn’s story is fascinating, and I feel very lucky and privileged to be asked to draw it. The freedom Arn, Dirk, and editor Drena Jo have given me to capture these moments is not lost on me, and I am very grateful to them for their trust in bringing this story to life visually. Mullets, muscles, and power slams. Who could say no to that?!?”

2) ‘A Lifelong Fan!’

Daley continued: “As a lifelong fan of the art of professional wrestling, it has been a pleasure working with the team to bring one of the all-time greats stories to the comic page. Arn Anderson has always been an imposing force bell-to-bell, and the chance to bring that energy and power to comics has been a dream come true!”

1) The Perks!

Backers will get a Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover edition of the book, as well as several other potential add-ons and Stretch Goals that will only be available through this campaign. 

Readers should check out Arn Anderson: My Life As The Enforcer on Kickstarter:

By Jorge Solis