Gravitas Ventures presents the diverting horror/western drama, Night of the Tommyknockers, starring Richard Grieco and Jessica Morris. Director Michael Su combines the iconic cowboy look with the gritty horror tropes into an action-packed thriller. 

THE PLOT: “When miners blast for gold in the 1870’s, they accidentally release ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers. The Town of Deer Creek, Nevada is soon under siege with only a handful of survivors held up in the local saloon.”

5) Richard Grieco!

Richard Grieco – who I loved in 21 Jump Street – embodies the essence of coolness in his role of Dirk. In the flick, Dirk (Grieco) keeps calm under pressure when the creatures attack and thinks ahead in western standoffs. Always in awe of him because Grieco has the look and attitude down pat in the entire movie. 

4) Angela Cole!

As Betsy, Angela Cole is the quick-draw gunslinger viewers always seen in western movies. Cole did such an impressive job as she puts her own original spin into the role, which is typically seen as a male construct. I love how Cole and Grieco play off of each other in their scenes together. 

3) Jessica Morris!

I think Jessica Morris with how she plays the role of Julia Ann Swift. Julia could have been a damsel in distress, but Jessica adds such a feisty persona with her lines. 

2) The Direction!

The story by Michael Mahal and Rolfe Kanefsky plays around with the western genre while adding horror elements. The creatures don’t feel like an after-thought tacked on, but more like a bonus. Director Michael Su captures the look and feel of a western, while never forgetting the shoot-em-up thrills. 

1) Action-Packed!

Horror fans are going to love the creature effects. Western fans are going to love the action-packed sequences. Night of the Tommyknockers is a win-win for aficionados of either genre. 

Night of the Tommyknockers will be released on November 25th, 2022.

By Jorge Solis