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Lionsgate and Saban Films have released the highly anticipated teaser trailer to 3 From Hell, starring Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley. This is the third installment in the horror franchise following writer/director Rob Zombie’s House of 100,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

During the events of The Devil’s Rejects,  the psychopathic Firefly family managed to escape from the raid on their rural home. While on the run from the law, they still are able to maintain their murder spree. They never realize that the vengeful Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe) is slowly closing in on them.

Here are 5 reasons why we love the teaser trailer to 3 From Hell:

5) The Facts!

Announced online, Zombie answered many fan’s questions, mentioning the timeline takes place after Rejects’ ending. Audiences will have to wait for a longer trailer in July. I don’t understand why he had to explain Spaulding is in the movie though.

4) The Theories!

So how did Baby (Moon Zombie), Otis (Moseley), and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) survive a hailstorm of gunfire? Are they dead and really just ghosts? Were they close to dying and were saved by the prison doctors? The teaser doesn’t offer enough explanation, which is a great thing, because I already know the answer…Hollywood disease.  

3) Get Ready To Burn!

From what we get to see in the trailer, we catch a glimpse of Baby in her blue prison suit. I’m guessing here but she somehow does make it outside in another splice of footage. There’s even a red-masked luchador firing his machine-gun, shooting bullets everywhere!

2) The Soundtrack!

According to Collider, Waxwork Records will be released the soundtracks of all three horror flicks on vinyl. Three tracks from 3 From Hell have been released online. So make sure you listen to “Bain County,” “Breakfast” and “3 Coffins Arrive.”

1) The Cast!

The ensemble cast includes Richard Brake, Danny Trejo, Kevin Jackson, Wade Williams, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Clint Howard, Pancho Moler, Emilio Rivera, Daniel Roebuck, David Ury, Sean Whalen, Austin Stoker, Dee Wallace, Bill Oberst Jr., Richard Riehle, Dot-Marie Jones and Tom Papa.

3 From Hell is slated to hit theaters sometime September 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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