Annapurna Sriram Feral, SFF 2019

Screened at The Sarasota Film Festival ’19, audiences will be riveted by the incredibly touching and fascinating drama, Feral, starring Annapurna Sriram. Co-writer/director Andrew Wonder captures a brutally honest portrayal of loneliness within the city that never sleeps. 

Yasmine (Annapurna Sriram) is a young woman living in the tunnels underneath Manhattan. She struggles to overcome her past as she meets other city dwellers fending for their own lives. Living in her own form of exile, Yasmine attempts to survive on her own terms while reeling from the loss of her mother.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Feral:

5) Annapurna Sriram!


Frequently funny, always moving, actress Annapurna Sriram captures the raw emotions within Yasmine. Her self-destructive performance is haunting in the way the gut-wrenching narrative unravels her self-discovery. Sriram will generate intense emotions from the audience without ever feeling phony.

4) The Journey!

Screenwriters Priscilla Kavanaugh, Jason Mendez, and Andrew Wonder have put together an episodic narrative of Yasmine connecting with random strangers. In her first segment, Yasmine meets a piano player who’s afraid to play his music for others. Yasmine then takes a trip to the park, where she meets a young mother (Sarah Wharton) and her rambunctious kid. Aided by the Jason Sager’s jumpy editing, the dialogue naturally flows between Sriram and Wharton, as if you’re watching a play. 

3) The City!

Carrying multiple roles, Andrew Wonder’s cinematography depicts a vibrant city on the verge of being swallowed by snow. The gritty tunnels underneath Manhattan are visualized in such bleak colors. The camera even feeds off the Christmas lights within one of the apartment rooms.

2) The Direction! 

With an unforgettable lead performance, director Andrew Wonder adds so much of the somber tone from the city landscape. Yes its a road trip across the city, but it never feels like you’re making tourist stops along the way.   

1) Gripping Drama!


Feral is firmly grounded by a magnificent turn from its phenomenal lead. This is a one-of-a-kind drama that refuses to give unrealistic sentimentality. 

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By Jorge Solis

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