The Dare

The Horror Collective presents a fast-paced and twisted survival thriller, The Dare, starring Bart Edwards and Richard Brake. Co-writer/director Giles Alderson explores the sins of the past through the relationship between parents and their children. 

When a childhood prank goes wrong, four strangers are forced to relive a cruel game at the hands of a masked psychopath.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The Dare:

5) Bart Edwards!

Bart Edwards is incredibly compelling as the unfortunate Jay Jackson, who has been kidnapped from his family and held captive without ransom. Jay (Edwards) only has one thing on his mind; getting back to his kids. In the claustrophobic and remote basement, Jay’s only hope in the vicious depths of brutality is to see them again. 

4) Richard Brake!

Captivating the screen, Richard Brake is unbelievably menacing as the rigid and forceful Credence. Brake brings a jaw-dropping level of harshness and abusiveness to Credence to carry out the film’s brooding vibe. 

3) Robert Maaser!

I don’t want to say too much but viewers have got to keep their eyes on Robert Maaser as Dominic. With such impressive physicality, Maaser dominates his scenes with his muscular presence. More than just physical, Maaser adds depth to Dominic by layering his character with emotions and subtle sensitivity in the thrilling third act.  

2) The Direction!

Writers Giles Alderson and Jonny Grant invest the narrative with a cyclical message about parenthood, childhood trauma, and redemption. With Andrew Rodger’s stark cinematography, the basement is drenched in shadows to emphasize the narrative’s bleakness. When the bloodbath starts, the camera doesn’t shy away from the graphic and hard-hitting violence. 

1) An Intense Survival Thriller!

The Dare

Unflinching in its brutality, The Dare is unapologetic with its grimness. Horror fans are in for some shocking and gory set pieces.

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By Jorge Solis