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Avail Entertainment presents the paranoid and intense psychological thriller, The Nothing, starring Katie Adkins and Clayton Thompson. With an interesting take on the found footage genre, writer/director Clayton Thompson explores the self-destruction of a paranoid young man caught on camera.

Clayton (Clayton Thompson), a recent college graduate, believes that the best art in the world is created in the darkest hours of those artists’ lives. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love The Nothing trailer:

5) Camping Gone Wrong!

The Nothing

This was supposed to be a documentary about writing and how Clayton came up with his first story. After a series of interviews with best friend and girlfriend, Clayton hasn’t been telling the truth the entire time. He has been holding back on the real part of his plan.

4) The Location!

The narrative takes place in the North Georgia Mountains, where Clayton just has his camera equipment and minimal supplies to survive. You can’t fake the chilling setting of the woods and mountains with CGI. The footage makes great use of the isolation caused by the vast and unmarked landscape. 

3) Found Footage!

The camera captures Clayton’s self-destructive journey into darkness. Away from civilization, he’s all alone in the woods, without any wifi signal or any electricity. The only friend he has in the camera recording everything he does.  

2) The Woods!

Is there something in the woods though? Is The Nothing an unseen creature out hiding behind the trees? Or is Clayton just imagining something that’s not there because he lost his mind? His sanity is definitely being tested as a foreboding presence rears itself.  

1) Call Me Paranoid!

The Nothing from Avail Entertainment LLC on Vimeo.

With a grounded setting, The Nothing takes the found footage genre to another level for a twisted tale in the woods. 

The Nothing is available on Amazon Prime and Avail TV.

By Jorge Solis

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