Blood Moon, Chapter One

For all your Halloween needs, the folk/horror comic book, Blood Moon, is available to read FREE online. Creators  P M Buchan, John Pearson, Aditya Bidikar, and Hannah Means-Shannon take on one of the most isolated counties in the UK during the divisive Brexit referendum. 

When ex-Christian punk singer Owen and his Wiccan wife. Maura Fitzwilliam, move to Trenance. they had hoped to save their marriage. Everything changes when a car full of drunken teenagers, including the son of one of the county’s most influential politicians, crashes into their tent at a folk festival. In the story of a family torn apart by tragedy, the mother will go to any lengths to reunite with them. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Blood Moon:

5) Megadeth!

The creative team previously contributed to the Megadeth: Death by Design anthology. The must-read anthology was published back in 2019 by Heavy Metal. If you remember it was in collaboration with the metal band, Megadeth. 

4) It’s A Vicarious Thrill!

Buchan states, “There’s a vicarious thrill that comes from a revenge-thriller where the main character dishes out their own version of justice, but that kind of violence comes with a heavy price in the real world. One of the things that interested me most is looking at the ideas that drive some of my favorite stories and following them to their logical conclusions.” 

3) The Political Commentary!

“Brexit has created an atmosphere of distrust and division, changing the psycho-geography of the UK,” adds Buchan. “I can’t imagine any horror creator whose imagination wouldn’t be ignited by that feeling of being isolated in a community where tensions are being stirred and blame is apportioned to outsiders. I just wish we didn’t have to live through it.” 

2) 50 Pages!

There’s already over fifty pages already available to read free online!

1) It’s Free!

For readers and for free, Blood Moon has been released online here. Pearson’s Patreon subscribers given first access to see new pages before they’re later released more widely.

By Jorge Solis

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