Mother Trucker, Kickstarter

The all-new space/wrestling comic, Mother Trucker, has already ignited its Kickstarter campaign for interested pledgers. Known for his work on Southern Cross (Image Comics) and Pound for Pound (TKO Studios), artist Andy Belanger is self-publishing Mother Trucker with the help of fans on Kickstarter.

A space-truckin’, ass stomping, wrestle goddess is on a quest to find her long lost daughter. She also wants to become the greatest Trucker of all time. The wrestle goddess has her eyes on the prize; the Champion of Truck Off, the Wrestlemania of the Starways. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should support Mother Trucker on Kickstarter:

5) A Connection is Made!

Image Credit: Andy Belanger

Also working on Mother Trucker is Andrew Stott. A local wrestler and writer, Stott trained with Belanger at the IWS (the International Wrestling Syndicate) dojo. 

4) An Insane Wrestling Comic! 

“When I moved to Montreal, I was taken to my first indie wrestling show at IWS (the International Wrestling Syndicate). It was nothing short of amazing and I never missed another show, my love of Wrestling had truly been reignited. I noticed how the match structure felt just like comics. The heroes, the villains, the hero’s journey playing out in front of me every glorious match. Right then and there I knew I wanted to make the most crazy, insane wrestling comic of all time,” said Belanger. 

3) A Roaring Bonfire!

Image Credit: Andy Belanger

“My second practice match and I was hooked, I fell in love with the craft, I fell in love with performing for fans and my catalog of ideas for my comic went from a spark to a roaring bonfire,” added Belanger.

2) The Rewards!

Readers can get their hands on Mother Trucker in print or digital format. Rewards include alternate covers, original art, the chance to be drawn in a panel. Pledgers might also get a visit from “The Animal” Bob Anger himself! 

1) The Video!

Readers should check out Mother Trucker on Kickstarter here. 

By Jorge Solis