Dean Cain 2050, 2050

ANERKE and Hewes Pictures deliver a thought-provoking and satirical sci-fi flick, 2050, starring Dean Cain and David Vaughn. Director Princeton Holt visually blurs the line between romance and relationships when androids start to ask for human companionship.

A family man struggles to hold it all together after he discovers a parlor that offers a solution. This married video game developer finds himself inside a warehouse that customizes androids for human companionship. Are sexbots the inevitable wave of the future?

5) Dean Cain!


As a huge fan of Dean Cain, I always thought he did a phenomenal job portraying reporter Clark Kent outside of Christopher Reeve; Superman is a physically different story (cough Cavill cough). Cain plays the interesting role of egomaniacal Maxwell, the mastermind behind the sexbot warehouse. I really enjoyed Cain’s charismatic portrayal because the performance asks him to be dominating and manipulative in personality.  Interestingly, Cain conveys a powerful speech that condescends and praises his creations.

4) David Vaughn!

As Michael Greene, actor David Vaughn gives these amazing expressions of shock and awe. Michael is trying to understand himself and his lack of emotional connection as he dives deeper into the underworld of sexbots. Is Michael losing his humanity, or has he regained something missing, as he makes a connection with Stefanie Bloom (Stefanie Bloom)? 

3) The Sci-FI Look!


The cinematography by Jared Roybal is amazing to look at! This futuristic look is grounded in reality and beaming in vivid colors. Not only has director Princeton Holt captured the futuristic look, he emphasizes the performances from his stellar cast. The solid ensemble includes Irina Abraham, Devin Fuller, Stormi Maya, Jace Nicole, Shannone Holt, and Hope Blackstock, 

2) In Theaters!

Feb 22 – 28 – NYC

March 1 – 7 – LOS ANGELES

March 15-21 – Baltimore

If you’re lucky to be in these select cities, you owe it to yourself to see this movie!

1) It’s Thought-Provoking!

Boasting of great visuals and solid performances, audiences are going to enthralled by the contemplative drama behind 2050. From start to finish, 2050 really dives into the big ideas of life and society. 

2050 makes its way across select cities including NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, and Baltimore.

By Jorge Solis