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With such visual and dramatic energy, Jaguar Cinema, Throughline Films, and Vertical Entertainment deliver a suspenseful supernatural thriller, The Dawn, starring Devanny Pinn and Stacey Dash. Co-writer/director Brandon Slagle steers the narrative with gripping suspense as demons pursue a young woman at a convent. 

A young woman witnesses her father murder her family in the wake of World War 1. Sent to live in a convent, she dedicates her life to the Lord. However, her demons follow and manifest themselves in ways which bring the nightmares of her past with her.  

Here are 5 reasons why you have to watch The Dawn:

5) Devanny Pinn!

The Dawn

In a mesmerizing lead performance, Devanny Pinn’s charisma captures the emotionally somber and spiritually-minded Rose. Dressed in the religious black and white habit, Rose (Pinn) seeks peace from her past, but the darkness of the outside world is heading straight towards her convent. Undeniably captivating from start to finish, Pinn portrays a thoughtful and introspective character in the midst of her own spiritual journey. 

4) Stacey Dash!

Elevating the scenes with her engaging presence, Stacey Dash brings her own warmth and charm to the character of Sister Ella. Ella (Dash) is the complete opposite of Rose (Pinn). When Rose is vulnerable and hesitant, Ella demonstrates her dominant force of personality through determination and strength. 

3) Ryan Kiser!

The Dawn

Ryan Kiser is quite interesting to watch as the observant and studious Jeremiah. Though hushed and grounded decisions, Kiser’s portrayal of Jeremiah is able to tell so much to the audience as a quiet person. 

2) The Direction!

Not only does director Brandon Slagle know how to craft the jump scares, the film evokes a period piece with its costumes and historical context. Slagle and co-writer Eliot Diviney have so much to say about spirituality, faith, and human nature in their stirring narrative. The cinematography by David M. Brewer and Lance Rand beautifully captures the luscious setting through architecture of the convent.

1) Supenseful!

In terrifying and suspenseful ways, The Dawn successfully manages to combine supernatural elements with personal anxieties. With an engrossing story and top-notch performances from a terrific ensemble, The Dawn is quite a chilling piece to watch. 

[Writer’s Note: This is a spoiler-free review of The Dawn from Shockfest Film Festival 2019. After the sold-out screening, Pinn won for Best Actress and film itself was rewarded with the Audience Award.] 

The Dawn arrives in theaters on January 10th, 2020.

By Jorge Solis