Psi-Lords #8, Valiant

Wonderfully action-packed, Psi-Lords #8 (Valiant Entertainment) is gloriously weird when it comes to its own cosmic mythology. This intergalactic adventure dishes out the best sci-fi thrills making it the Best Comic Book of 2019.

Our cosmic heroes face a terrible choice… as one of the Quartet pays the ultimate price!

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Psi-Lords #8:

5) What Happened Before!

Psi-Lords #8

Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank were a group of amnesiacs locked up in an otherworldly prison. Just as they were able to make their escape from the prison, the group discovers they are nowhere near home. Now, they are in a race against time to save Earth from a nuclear weapon. Artisan then risks his life in order to save his teammates.

4) The Writing! 

Writer Fred Van Lente kickstarts the installment with a shocking death. The team is wrapped in guilt and anger as they watch Artisan’s corpse floating across outer space, after having been ripped in half. The lettering by Dave Sharpe emphasizes the urgency of the fallout as the remaining members struggle to work together against Scion.

3) The Artwork! 

Artist Renato Guedes captures an intense death scene in an eye-popping splash page. Blood showers the page as Artisan’s dead body splits apart. In another jaw-dropping splash page, Guedes illustrates Ravenrok as a giant celestial being composed of planets and stars.  

2) The Colors!

When Hazard starts using their superpowers, the pages turn bright red as her hands turn into claws. During their space battle, Vadim unleashes tentacles, which are made up of pink hues, at Hazard. The vibrant use of primary colors really make the pages come alive. 

1) A Thrilling Read!

Sci-fi fans are absolutely going to love Psi-Lords #8. The Psi-Lords series combines space opera and action into one helluva spectacular read! 

Psi-Lords #8 arrives in stores on January 8th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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