Doll Factory, Wild Eye

Wild Eye Releasing presents the delightfully wicked horror/comedy, Doll Factory, starring Nicole Elliott and Tracy Collins, onto DVD. Writer/Director Stephen Wolfe puts together a ragtag team of oddballs and quirky characters to save the world from evil dolls.  

A group of teens break into an abandoned doll factory and unwittingly release a curse that brings hundreds of killer dolls to life to terrorize a small Texas town.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Doll Factory:

5) Nicole Elliott!

Doll Factory

A strong onscreen presence, Nicole Elliott dives into the nonstop banter with Justin Herman and Andy Palmer. As Kay, Nicole has such quick-witted energy to her comedic timing. As an unlikely trio, Kay (Elliott) has to lead the group, which includes her oddball brother and boyfriend, against a group of killer dolls.

4) Tracy Collins!

Tracy Collins is just as snappy with the dialogue and has her own dynamic personality as Allison. Because the story takes place at a Halloween, Collins makes great use of her costume. I don’t want to say too much but Collins steals the show when Allison confronts one of the killer dolls.  

3) Jade Warren!

With an engaging personality, Jade Warren nails the verbal comedy in the opening mutes. Warren, Collins, and Elliott have such amazing chemistry when they starts off the movie and set the comedic one. 

2) The Dolls!

The killer dolls stand out because they are child-like, with a morbid sense of humor. With their own infantile voice-work, the dolls are driven by their mean-spirited personality. When the killer dolls show up, that’s when the gore and practical effects really pop out. 

1) Horror/Comedy!

Doll Factory

With a solid cast, Doll Factory packs it in with the gore and comedy. Audiences will definitely get a kick out of off-the-wall comedy. 

Doll Factory is now available on DVD and VOD.

By Jorge Solis