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Wild Eye Releasing delivers tons of fresh ideas and laugh-out-loud surprises with the horror/comedy, The VelociPastor, starring Greg Cohan and Alyssa Kempinski. Writer/Director Brendan Steere makes sure his quirky movie lives up to its interestingly wacky title. 

After a devastating family tragedy, a priest travels to China to find deeper spirituality, but instead is endowed with an ancient ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first, he is horrified by his newfound superpower, but a local prostitute convinces him to use his newfound gift to fight evil – and ninjas.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The VelociPastor:

5) Geg Cohan!

The VelociPastor

Greg Cohan has such an engaging personality and a relatable charm as Doug Jones. The movie just wouldn’t have worked very well without Cohan’s charisma. Cohan delivers ever bit of his charisma into the role and it really comes through in the performance. 

4)  Alyssa Kempinski!

As Carol, Alyssa Kempinski plays a weary prostitute, then a romantic interest, and finally an action star. In their romantic scenes together, Kempinski has such genuine chemistry with Cohan. Holding the movie together Kempinski and Cohan come across as very likable in their roles. 

3) The Absurd Tone!

The VelociPastor

The VelociPastor is self-aware of what kind of movie it is and doesn’t hold back. The absurd humor plays off to the quirky film’s advantage. The meta tone has instant fun with the actors, the horror gags, and the action scenes. 

2) The Director!

Writer/Director Brendan Steere carries out the movie’s nuttiness with a clever amount of parody.   Steere manages to keep the playfulness and cheeky attitude thought the narrative, without diving into cynicism. 

1) Highly Enjoyable!

The VelociPastor  basks in its own comic hysteria. Audiences will be very surprised by how much fun they have watching this movie. 

The VelociPastor arrives on DVD and VOD August 13 through iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Dish, Vudu, Amazon, Fandango and Sling. A Blu-ray release will follow September 17.

By Jorge Solis

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  1. The cheetah and I are STILL trying to figure out how ninjas got into China!! This is such a fun movie…..along with “CaroousHELL,” Wild Eye is tearing it up…..

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