Mountainhead #1, IDW

An unsettling psychological thriller, Mountainhead #1 (IDW Publishing) succeeds in mixing emotional realism with pulse-pounding terror. Fresh and heartbreakingly moving, Fountainhead is a coming-of-age tale with clever touches of horror, crime, and family drama.  

Abraham Stubbs and his father, Noah, roam America in a nomadic existence. Convinced they are being pursued by sinister government forces, Noah has them living off the grid, burgling houses to survive. Elsewhere, on Mount Rector, the lone survivor of a climbing expedition staggers homeward, covered in blood. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Mountainhead #1:

5) Fountainhead!

The narrative does a great job mediating on the themes of paranoia and mental illness. It’s important to note that Abraham really is an unreliable narrator. Don’t trust him because even Abraham doesn’t believe what he’s seeing.  

4) The Writing!

Writer John Lees dives into Abraham’s headspace and examines his innate need for family. From Abraham’s perspective, the readers understands his unbreakable love for his mentally unhinged father. The letters from Shawn Lee highlight Abraham’s emotional turmoil and excitement during a heist. 

3) The Artwork! 

Exceptionally stylish, artist Ryan Lee has an eye for stretching out the poses. In the opening pages, notice how the tall tree and its branches look like hands trying to each out and grab Abraham. The pencils and inks add so much detail to the facial expressions. 

2) The Colors!

The colors from Doug Garbark add to the moody lighting and the suburban landscape. Notice the low-green lighting when Abraham and Noah sneak into the suburban home. The ski masks are shaded in red and yellow highlights so that the reader can tell the difference between father and son.

1) Psychological thriller!

A highly stylish thriller, Mountainhead #1 delivers a creepy ride into psychological terror. Readers will definitely be entranced by what they have just read. 

Mountainhead #1 arrives in stores on August 21st, 2019

By Jorge Solis

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