Mina the Bat Cat, Mina

Artist Nat Jones recently launched his Kickstarter project for the gothic and witchy “Mina the Bat Cat.” Check out the nine lives this winged cat has with its enamel pin set.  

Did you know Mina, the Bat Cat, is based on a real and beloved pet? Mina was the name of Jones’ black cat. Each pin captures Mina’s personality in a stylish accessory. This must-have set is perfect for the Halloween season. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love the Kickstarter project for Mina the Bat Cat.

5. The Pin Set!

Designed by Jones, the MINA: Nine Lives Pin Set features a signature back stamp for authenticity. Each enamel pin has its own custom backing card and black rubber clutch. So far, there are about nine different pin designs. More concepts will be added later on for the collectibles. 

4. 13 Enamel Pins!

If pledgers contribute $260 or more, they will receive the Full Moon Die Cut sticker, the Hexed Embroidered Patch, and a Nine Lives Art Print. 

3. The Stretch Goals

There are stretch goals that will unlock that other six enamel pin designs from the original set. The other great rewards include the “Dream Kitty” hard enamel pin, the “Dark Familiar” hard enamel pin, and more! I’ve definitely got my eyes pointed at the mug that says, “Black Cats, Black Coffee, Black Magic.”

2. It’s Nat Jones!

Just one look at Jones’ unique art style and you will definitely want to get something from his store. If you love zombies and war stories, then you definitely have to check out ’68 (Image Comics). If you’re a huge Alien and Lifeforce fan, then get your hands on the recent Delta 13 (IDW Publishing).

1. Check Out The Kickstarter Video!

Readers can find out more about Mina: Nine Lives Enamel Pin Set here:

By Jorge Solis

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