This is our Home, Uncork'd

Uncork’d Entertainment presents the mesmerizing psychological thriller, This Is Our Home, starring Jeff Ayars and Simone Policano. With such palpitating suspense, director Omri Dorani presents a queasily and maddening deconstruction of toxic relationships.

A struggling couple tries to salvage what’s left of their relationship. During a weekend getaway, they are greeted in the middle of the night by a child claiming to be their son.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see This Is Our Home:

5) Simone Policano!

This is Our Home

Simone Policano is unbelievably sympathetic and heartbreaking in her portrayal of the tragic character, Reina.Traumatized by a horrific event, Reina (Policano) has fallen deep into despair and yearns to break free from what’s holding her back, which includes her husband. Policano visibly captures Reina’s sadness and insecurity as she strives to find the empowerment to be on her own.

4) Jeff Ayars!

Jeff Ayars does a great job presenting Cory as a nervous bystander and selfish boyfriend. In order to break Reina from her shell, Cory (Ayars) has to be controlling and manipulative all the way through her recovery. Audiences will love the chemistry between Ayars and Policano as they will keep guessing on who’s dependent on who. 

3) The Cinematography!

This is Our Home

There is one excruciatingly suspenseful scene wonderfully caught on camera by Thomas Taugher. Put together seamlessly by Matt Decker’s editing, Taugher’s camerawork and the top-notch performances by the on-screen duo capture the escalating tension between Reina and Cory. Watch as the cringe-inducing scene takes place with just two props; a slab of meat and a scalpel. 

2) The Direction!

Screenwriter Rob Harmon has crafted two well-developed characters to carry the entire narrative. Harmon’s thought-provoking script really dives into topics such as abortion, mourning, and dependency. Omri Dorani’s direction is unflinching as the camera holds tight on Reina as she mentally and physically breaks down.  

1) Nonstop Suspense!

With two charismatic leads, This Is Our Home builds the suspense and tension to jaw-dropping crescendo. You will never look at kids the same way after watching this movie!

This Is Our Home arrives on DVD and VOD on December 3rd, 2019

By Jorge Solis