Rai #2, Valiant

A thrilling dystopian adventure, Rai #2 (Valiant Entertainment) delivers an emotionally gripping study about parenthood and child-rearing. In this apocalyptic vision of the world’s end, the second installment presents a character-driven tale about surviving the open road in a nomadic lifestyle.

Can the cyborg samurai, Rai, and his robot boy sidekick escape a sentient madhouse?

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Rai #2:

5) What Happened Before!


Welcome to the 41st century! The cyborg ronin is not alone anymore. With a sidekick named Raijin, Rai embarks on a thrilling quest to save the future. Now they have to pass through The Ghost Zones. 

4) The Writing!

Writer Dan Abnett presents a tortured character struggling to find peace, but forced to be violent in the apocalypse. In silent panels, Rai quietly tries to find right words to impart wisdom on on Raijin. The lettering by Dave Sharpe gives Raijin the vibrant personality of an inquisitive child. 

3) The Artwork!  

Artist Juan José Ryp does a great job juxtaposing the grim and dirt of the apocalypse with the sunny and brightness of suburbia. Influenced by The Stepford Wives, Loci is supposed to look like a domesticated dummy, who is programmed to please her guest and speak in trivialities. Loci is all smiles in her introduction, but there is something sinister behind her grin.

2) The Colors!

Colorist Andrew Dalhouse captures a vibrant platte of blue and pink tones. Suburbia is painted in green tones because there are no more trees in the apocalypse. The red tones pop out when Rai and Raijin share a panel side-by-side. 

1) A Exciting Adventure!

An action-packed followup, Rai #2 cleverly examines the pains of intimacy and the struggle of surviving in a melancholic landscape. I can’t wait for the their issue!!

Rai #2 arrives on stores on December 11th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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