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We Are Tessellate, Spellbound Entertainment and 3ROUNDBURST Productions deliver an incredibly visually stunning and meaningful Starfish, starring Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson, Eric Beecroft, Natalie Mitchell and Tanroh Ishida. Writer/director/composer A.T. White speaks about the stages of grief like no other through unforgettable surreal imagery,

When a mysterious signal from an unknown dimension summons the end of days, it appears as if only Aubrey (Virginia Gardner) is left on earth. Trapped in the apartment of her recently deceased best friend, the only clue she has is a single cassette left behind after her friend’s death, labeled: “THIS MIXTAPE WILL SAVE THE WORLD.” Thrust into a mystery orchestrated by her friend and stricken with grief, Aubrey begins to piece the clues together, uncovering a series of tapes all with pieces of the mystery signal. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Starfish

5) Virginia Gardner!


Delivering an unforgettable mesmerizing performance, Virginia Gardner carries so much emotion, charisma, and heart in just about every scene. Garner captures Aubrey’s broken heart and frustrations with her engaging facial expressions. As Aubrey withdraws from the rest of the apocalyptic world, Gardner says so much with just one look as she gazes at the camera. 

4) The Music!

The captivating music by A.T. White punctuates the themes of healing and grief. Everything about the score is so in tune to Gardner’s performance. The dreamlike soundtrack, which includes Sigur Rós, heightens Aubrey’s emotional journey as she attempts to save herself. 

3) The Imagery!


The cinematography by Alberto Bañares beautifully captures the freezing cold and snow -drenched apocalyptic landscape. There is an excruciatingly graphic and gory image of a man’s face ripped off. There’s a beauty to the jaw-dropping horror that works in the experimental take.  

2) The Director!

As a director, White examines how losing a friend can be a wildly-mixed emotional roller-coaster. White loves to be weird and adds an animated sequence midway through the narrative.  I love how there is a dialogue-fee sequence told through flashbacks. 

1) Surreal & Moving!


Starfish is a wonderfully crafted sci-fi/horror hybrid. The somber film is profoundly affecting because of its central standout lead. 

Starfish arrives on Video On Demand May 28th, 2019.  

By Jorge Solis

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