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Heroic Collective has released a special preview of The Blondes podcast, starring Madeline Zima, Helen Hong, and Rob Belushi. Check out how Emily Schultz’s satirical sci-fi horror novel, The Blondes, became a podcast series. 

Set two years after a virus has infected blonde women with a rabies-like illness, a fictional podcast examines how the virus has changed our culture: from fashionable new fever bracelets, to empowerment pop songs for the infected, to an entirely new understanding of women, gender, and beauty. What begins as the story of Hazel Hayes — the unlikely, eight-months-pregnant hero who reveals government abuses at virus evaluation centers — turns much thornier when her personal life and role in the outbreak becomes grist for conspiracy theorists.

Here are 5 reason why we are excited for The Blondes podcast series:

5) The Dialogue!

An Excerpt:

“Yeah,” I said with some resignation. “Like advertising.”

“So you make ad campaigns?”

“No. It’s complicated. I just look at them.”

“They give you a degree for that?” she asked.

I nodded. “Communication Studies, PhD.”

We need actors to voice this!!!

4) Painkillers!

Madeline Zima gave such a knockout performance in the riveting movie, Painkillers. I loved her in Painkillers, Heroes, and the Twin Peaks revival. I can’t wait to hear what she does here in The Blondes!

3) A Podcast Adaptation!

We have seen novels become television series and movies. And now, your favorite novel is about to become a podcast series. How will it hold up? Will The Blondes still have its unflinching look at the media and viral ideas? This is why we have to check it out!

2) The Ensemble Cast!

The cast includes Madeline Zima, Helen Hong, Rob Belushi, Cecilia Corrigan, Yvonne Zima, Dana Berger, Jenny Grace, Carson Elrod, and Bree Elrod. 

1) The Crew!

The podcast adaptation is written by Brian J. Davis and Emily Schultz. Duncan Birmingham is Executive Producer and Jenny Grace serves as Consulting Producer. Music for the podcast series is composed by Oldfather, with songs by Dawn Lewis and Michael Hussey.

All episodes of The Blondes podcast will be available July 9 on iTunes.

By Jorge Solis