Season 2 Episode 2, Titans

DC Universe continues the critically acclaimed Titans with Season 2, Episode 2: Rose, starring Brenton Thwaites and Teagan Croft. In the second season premiere, all hope seemed to be lost as Dick Grayson (Thawites) became possessed by Raven (Croft)’s father, Trigon. 

Now Trigon has been defeated control, Grayson explains to Raven why there needs to be a new Titans. After Jason Todd (Curran Walters) shows off his fighting skills at Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Grayson has to explain why he needs to control himself as Robin. Because Jason has the crime-fighting experience, he has to be a better leader so that the others can look up to him.   

Elsewhere, Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) are coming to terms with their semi-retirement. Hawk is helping Ellis try to keep himself clean at his secluded farmhouse. Out on a stakeout, Kory (Anna Diop) and Donna Troy (Connor Leslie) are waiting for their culprit, Shimmer, to show up. Just when Raven’s dark powers start to arise, Doctor Light is mysteriously freed from his prison cell. 

Meanwhile, Rose (Chelsea T. Zhang) is on the run from the cops. As helicopters swarm in, Grayson realizes Rose is something special, like Batman. On live television, the news captures Rose taking down a swam of police officers. By the time Dick finds her, Rose is lying unconscious on the pavement, on top of garbage bags. 

At the secluded farmhouse, Hawk tells Dove that Ellis’ friends are trying to get him hooked back on drugs. In the middle of the night, Dove ends up visiting Ellis’ friends at their meth lab. One by one, Dove takes down the drug pushers, beating them senseless, before calling in the police on them.


After spending so much time at the hospital by her side, Hawk is furious that Dove has started wearing the suit again. Dove argues they started wearing the outfits because they needed to get rid of their pain, but Hawk then started using drugs. Their argument is interrupted when Ellis barges in just as he is about explode.

While the others debate about keeping Rose at the tower, Grayson wants to help her, but she’s an adult who has to make her own decisions. Asking for fatherly advice, Grayson makes a call to Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen). Bruce understands she’s in a world of hurt, but Rose may not realize she wants help. 

Just when Grayson offers to take Rose to the subway station, his car explodes. Doctor Light has been targeting the former members of Titans since he escaped from prison. After Donna and Kory take down Shimmer, an alien visitor shows up to kidnap his princess. 


Using the Bat computer, Jason recognizes the name of Rose Wilson; she’s the daughter of Deathstroke. 

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis