WWE #13. BOOM! Studios

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A satisfyingly fun-filled collection, WWE  #13 (BOOM! Studios) dominates each eye-popping page with off-the-wall wrestling theatrics. Readers are definitely going to enjoy the WWE’s newest collection of entertaining tales.

The thirteenth issue celebrates the 25th Anniversary of WWE Monday Night Raw. These short stories come from every era of the flagship show in sports entertainment history. Get a behind-the-scenes story co-written by WWE Superstar Samoa Joe recollecting how he joined the WWE Raw Roster.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read WWE #13:

5) The Writers!

While flipping through each page, the four short stories in the collection get funnier and better. This is thanks to the phenomenal writing talents of Lan Pitts, Julian May, Kevin Panetta, Michael Kingston, and Samoa Joe!

4) The Artists!

Your eyes will be instantly glued to the awesome artwork of Michael Mulipola, Rodrigo Lorenzo, Kendall Goode, and Daniel Bayliss. There are three variant covers out here; so make sure you get the one from Dan Mora, Brent Schoovner, Nick Filardi, Adam Riches, Adam X Vass.

3) My Favorite Picks!

My personal favorite, “Unbroken,” recreates the action-packed drama in the ring between Jeff Hardy and Undertaker. Goode does a great job capturing the aching body slams and pain-inducing throw downs. You will be cheering for Jeff at the end! Colorist Doug Garbark makes great use of his vibrant palette highlighting the memorable Daniel Bryan moment from “The ’Yes’ movement.”  

2) The Guest Stars!

Be on the lookout for Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Jericho inside the special installment! I definitely got a kick out of seeing Mick Foley’s guest appearance!

1) A Fun Read!

WWE #13 puts a hilarious spin on backdoor politics and in-fighting. These collections are turning out to be the best reads for comic book and wrestling fans.



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WWE #13 arrives in stores on January 17th, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis

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