Dakota Johnson Allure, February 2018,

(Courtesy of Petra Collins/Allure)

Before Universal Pictures releases Fifty Shades Freed into theaters, Dakota Johnson reveals how to ultimately be strong and vulnerable as Allure‘s February 2018 cover star. In the glossy set of photos, Johnson reveals her soft side while posing in stunning lingerie.

The starlet daughter of Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) appears in Allure‘s “New Naked” issue. The Fifty Shades Freed star describes in her feature how the blockbuster franchise has shaped her into the actress and woman that we all know and love.

5) The Pictures Are Gorgeous!

Allure‘s February star is all sparkles in her Gucci dress. The brunette beauty exudes confidence as she prances around in her bra and underwear in a see-through veil.

4) How The Fifty Shades Franchise Has Changed her!

The cover girl mentions, ”Throughout this entire experience, I’ve learned that I can expose my heart and my emotions and I can still protect myself. I can still be vulnerable and strong. It’s a constant ebb and flow and a battle and trying to figure out how to have those things coexist within me,”

3) She’s More Than A Bleeding Heart!

Johnson describes becoming her character, “Fundamentally, I’m open and warm. At my core, I’m a bleeding heart. But when your life is exposed and when the movie that exposes your life is exposing your emotions and your body, it can be very scary.”

2) There’s Even A Must See Video!

In the behind-the-scenes video, Johnson attempts to do the nine things that she’s never done before. She takes a selfie with her feet, bites into mystery food, dons LED eyelashes, and puts on snail mucus.

1) Her New Movie!

Fifty Shades Freed continues the forbidden romance between Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Johnson). Despite his previous love affairs,  Anastasia has always held her own, especially with Christian (Dornan) and their shared life of luxury. But becoming Mrs. Grey means no relaxation from the unfamiliar new threats that could jeopardize their happy ending.

Fifty Shades Freed arrives in theaters Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018. Allure’s “New Nakedissue, with Dakota Johnson on the cover, is out in newsstands January 23rd, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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