WWE #25, BOOM! Studios

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A crazed and fun-filled installment, WWE #25 (BOOM! Studios) delivers the extreme action and dangerous excitement between the phenomenal one, A.J. Styles and his opponent, Samoa Joe! A satisfying conclusion, readers are definitely going to enjoy the behind-the-scenes theatrics from their favorite superstars!

All of the sacrifices AJ Styles has made have paid off-he’s atop the mountain of WWE and retains the WWE Championship. But there’s no time to rest, as perhaps his most dangerous challenge awaits-the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read WWE #25:

5) What Happened Before…

Coming from humble beginnings, A. J. Styles struggles to make a name for himself. Styles realizes that in order to remain at the top of his game, he cannot resort to cheating. He has to be able to confront his opponents head-on, like John Cena. Styles then realized there will always be bullies around when he confronts Brock Lesner  Shinsuke Nakamura taught Styles that there is more going on in front of the camera. 

4) The Writing!

I love how writer Dennis Hopeless dove into the escalating rivalry between AJ and Samoa Joe. How much was really scripted and how much was Samoa Joe doing to really get under AJ’s skin? As Hopeless twist and turns the narrative, letterer Jim Campbell captures Samoa Joe’s stalkery dialogue, as AJ  struggles to keep his family life away from her personal life. 

3) The Artwork!

Artist Serg Acuña does a fantastic job illustrating the loving family that AJ Styles is trying to protect. I think it’s interesting how Acuña captures enough of Styles’ wife in the artwork, without ever revealing her true face in a closeup. Notice how Acuña uses Joe’s weight to make him look bigger and stronger than AJ.  

2) The Colors!

Notice how colorist Doug Garbark highlights AJ’s family lifestyle with bright blue and green blue tones. The colors turn really sour and darker when Samoa Joe enters the panel. Samoa Joe is the dark force that’s taking the light away from AJ’s private life.

1) A Truly Epic Read!

Leading up to a satisfying conclusion, readers will definitely find themselves cheering for AJ Styles in WWE #25. If this is the final issue of WWE, readers are gong to love the blowout finale! 



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WWE #25 arrives in stores on January 6th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis