Harley Quinn Birds Prey, NYCC

Announced at New York Comic Con 2019, as part of DC Comics’ Black Label imprint, get ready for the exciting all-new miniseries, Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey. Writer/artist Amanda Conner and co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti are reuniting for the official sequel to their bestselling run.

With Harley finally done with The Joker, she’s moving forward with her life. All of a sudden, she’s beset by a rogue’s gallery of Gotham City’s worst villain. With a $10,000,000 bounty placed on her head by the Clown Prince of Crime, Harley will need the help of Black Canary, Cassandra Cain (a.k.a. Batgirl), Renee Montoya, and the Huntress. They need to get to the bottom of why The Joker has turned Gotham’s worst loose on her.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited for Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey:

5) Many Shenanigans!

Connor describes the upcoming miniseries, “Harley is a blast to write and draw; throw the Birds of Prey into the mix and it’s even more fun. And since this will be a mature readers title, we’ll do our best to get away with as many shenanigans as possible!”

4) No Holds Barred!

Palmiotti adds, “We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to let loose on a project with a no-holds-barred Harley story, where we revisit Harley’s supporting cast and take her on an adventure back to Gotham. Teaming up with the Birds of Prey, Harley will turn all their worlds upside down—exactly how she likes it.”

3) A Memorable Sequel!

DC SVP and Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras states, “Their interpretation of Harley has made her a favorite of fans everywhere. Much like Batman: Last Knight on Earth or Batman/Catwoman, this miniseries is another example of great creative teams who are adding to their storytelling legacy with a memorable sequel.”

2) The Black Label!

As part of DC’s Black Label, the 4-issue miniseries of Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey will be appropriate for readers ages 17 and older.

1) Sass & Swagger!

It’s definitely going to feel like the New 52 era with Conner and Palmiotti at the helm. Readers can expect a new sense of style from the creative team. Harley will bring in the sass, swagger, and attitude.

Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey arrives in stores in February 2020.

By Jorge Solis