Nicole Kidman Instyle Magazine

(Courtesy of Will Davidson/InStyle)

After making hearts race in Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman stuns with elegance and poise as she graces the cover of InStyle magazine. The 49-year-old beauty lets loose like never before as she dishes on the hit limited HBO series and the meaningful relationships in her life.

According to InStyle, the stunning Moulin Rouge actress reveals all while wearing her glamorous Calvin Klein outfit. In the July issue, the Oscar winner tells Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown all about her love life, living at home with her husband/musician Keith Urban, and raising their children together. If you loved the critically acclaimed HBO drama, Big Little Lies, then you will have to grab this issue.

Here are 5 takeaways from Nicole Kidman’s InStyle interview:

5. Kidman Don’t Text

The Eyes Wide Shut actress doesn’t feel the need to send out emojis to friends, “ “I call. People text, and then I text back ‘Just call me.’ I like the voice. Keith [Urban] and I don’t ever text. We call. That’s just what we’ve always done. We’re old school.”

4. Aquaman’s Mother

After playing Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, the Australian native returns to her comic book roots in the upcoming Aquaman movie. She will be playing  Atlanna, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean mother. Expect to see her participating in a major underwater action sequence!

3. The Passion Behind Big Little Lies

Describing her co-producer Resse Witherspoon, Kidman says, “I always say when women unite and work together, we’re very powerful. One, because we’re very loyal. And two, because once we’re in it, we’re all multitaskers, and we can get stuff done. It’s a beautiful thing when you can actually make a project work based on true friendships.”

2. There’s A Special Behind-The-Scenes Video!

1. And Here’s Another One!

The Issue of Instyle magazine, with Nicole Kidman, arrives in newsstands June 9th.

– By Jorge Solis