5 Reasons To Get ‘American Gods’ Season One DVD!

American Gods, Season One, DVD

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Lionsgate is gathering worshippers and new followers as the popular STARZ drama, American Gods: Season 1, heads onto DVD and Blu-Ray. Based on the best-selling novel by author Neil Gaiman, Ricky Whittle (The 100) and Ian McShane (Deadwood) find themselves in the midst of a supernatural battle between the Old Gods and the New Gods.

As we previously mentioned, ex-convict Shadow Moon (Whittle) unexpectedly heads to a funeral after discovering his wife has been killed in a terrible accident. As a violent storm rocks his plane, Shadow is approached by a mysterious stranger calling himself Mr. Wednesday (McShane). Together they embark on a journey that will lead them directly towards an epic battle between the gods.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get the American Gods: Season 1 on DVD:

5) The Showrunners!

Ever since the charming and eye-catching Pushing Daisies, I have kept a close eye on creator/showrunner Bryan Fuller. His thrilling adaptation, Hannibal, boasted a surreal and stylistic vision of the Thomas Harris novels, which include Red Dragon. To see Fuller team-up with co-showrunner Michael Green, who’s responsible for Heroes and Everwood, audiences are definitely in for a roller-coaster ride of sex, violence, and intense drama.

4) Best Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Works!

The author of Norse Mythology serves as executive producer of his own series. With showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green at the helm of American Gods, this adaptation stays faithful to the pages while the two have expanded on the narrative. It’s interesting to note the differences, especially how Shadow’s wife barely appears in the book and is now given a full-fledged role played by the wonderful Emily Browning (Legend).

3) The Social Commentary!

As Mr. Nancy, Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) gives a powerfully moving speech aboard a slave ship. In the novel, the old gods immigrated along with the humans to America. The new gods are done with the past and are steering away from tradition. In this turbulent political climate, society is divided, especially now with travel bans pushing to be enforced. Novels and television are at their best when they have something to say about human nature, and American Gods did so in its first season.

2) The X-Files Connection

I have been a huge fan of Gillian Anderson ever since she portrayed the iconic Dana Scully in The X-Files. Always captivating audiences, Anderson played the alluring and enigmatic Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Now she returns to collaborate with Fuller on American Gods, this time as the enchanting and seductive goddess Media. 

1) The Special Features

“The Road to ‘American Gods’” Documentary

“Title Gods” Featurette

“‘American Gods’ Origins” Featurette

“Old Gods” Featurette

“New Gods” Featurette

“What Is ‘American Gods?’” Featurette

“Book vs. Show” Featurette

God Squad Video Documentary

Explore the Crocodile Bar in 360 Degrees with Commentary by Cast and Crew

Audio Commentary Episode 101 with Creators-Writers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and Director David Slade

Audio Commentary Episode 101 with Actors Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle

Audio Commentary Episode 108 God Squad Video with Actors Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, and Orlando Jones

American Gods: Season 1 arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 17, 2017. Season 2 will premiere on STARZ.

– By Jorge Solis

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