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From New York Comic Con 2017, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with Twiztid as they discuss their Haunted High-Ons One Shot Special (Source Point Press). The horrorcore rap group from Detroit, Michigan, quickly realize being ghost hunters isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be, especially when the supernatural starts hunting them. 

As we previously mentioned, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are carving out a comfortable side-gig for themselves as fake ghost hunters. The horrorcore rap duo happens to stumble upon a routine house call. Not only do they find themselves discovering a ghost, there’s also a killer demon to boot.

During the recent New York Comic Con, Villain Media spoke to Jamie Spaniolo aka Jamie Madrox and Paul Methric, also known as Monoxide Child, about bringing the music of Twiztid into the comic book realm. We discuss what the installment means to them and their favorite comic book characters.

Twiztid, Haunted High-Ons,
Courtesy of Source Point Press

VILLAIN MEDIA: Tell me what it’s like to be comic book superheroes?

MONOXIDE: Man it’s awesome! Because it’s a universe I don’t have to wear clothes if I don’t want to!

JAMIE MADROX: It’s true! He doesn’t wear clothes in the real universe. So he definitely doesn’t want to wear them in the comic book universe either. 

VM: Who are your favorite comic book characters?

JM: Batman!

M: Shazam!

Twiztid, Haunted High-Ons
Courtesy of Jorge Solis

VM: I love how the comic book came out! From Dirk Manning’s writing to Marianna Pescosta’s artwork to Alessandro de Fornasari’s coloring! What were your initial thoughts when pages were coming in?

JM: Amazed! I couldn’t believe they got our likeness! So spot on! At first they were drawing us backwards. His facial features with my weight. And my facial features with his thinness. So we were like strike that, and reverse-that Willy Wonka style. And then they got it! And it was like, “Holy Sh*t that’s us!”

M: That was insane! It was really quick! The story got okayed. 40 minutes later, we had a sketch. Like wow!

JM: They don’t f*ck around! It was really good!

M: It was awesome!

VM: I don’t want to give away the ending! But can you guys tease, will we see more of you guys in comic book land?


M: Yes!

JM: Yes!

M: Yes!

JM: There’s no teasing! It’s absolutely yes!

M: We tease this as a one-off book. But it’s really not. It’s going to keep going.

JM: It’s part of how the deal went down. It has to be a one-shot because of how the deal went. yeah but there’s more stories coming!

Twiztid, Haunted_Ons
Courtesy of Jorge Solis

VM: Sweet! I can’t wait for another issue! I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

JM: It’s going to be good man! It’s exciting! It’s to lay the premise for the characters and who they are and what they’re going to do in this universe.

M: We just got in the comic dorm.

JM: We’re just here! We’re not ready to leave!

M: We’re not leaving!

JM: Hell no!

Twiztid, Haunted High-Ons, NYCC,
Courtesy of Source Point Press

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons interview with writer Dirk Manning, artist Marianna Pescosta, and colorist Alessandro de Fornasari.

With a special variant cover for New York Comic Con, Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons One Shot Special is available now. Readers can order their copies here from the official website!

– By Jorge Solis