Blindspot Season 3 Episode 19,NBC

(Courtesy of  Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros)

As the hunt for Roman intensifies, NBC continues the intense action and drama of Blindspot Season 3 with Episode 19: Galaxy of Minds, starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. Jane Doe (Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Stapleton) are back together solving the cases behind the mystery tattoos.

A year ago, a secret military project was conceived but the records were destroyed in a plane crash. In the present, Avery (Kristina Reyes) still can’t believe her father committed those crimes. At FBI headquarters, Reade (Rob Brown) and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) crack a tattoo, which alerts Roman (Luke Mitchell).

As Roman heads off to New York, the author of Golden Rhino is the team’s next suspect. As Kurt interrogates the author, he learns about the secret history of an advanced weapon. The author reveals Crawford may be interested in using the weapon for himself.

Because the author is a conspiracy nut, the team wonder if they’re dealing with a mind control device. With Patterson babysitting the author and reading his findings, Jane and Kurt want Avery to movie in with them. After Patterson listens to the recording of the plane crash, she may have found the triggerman.

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 19, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)

After attacking the prison transport, Roman grabs the prisoner and helps him escape. After beating the prisoner to a pulp, Roman gets an unexpected call from Blake (Tori Anderson). With the prisoner held hostage, Roman finally gets a name and place.

With the prisoner dead, Blake and Roman have a heart-to-heart talk about her father. She doesn’t want the truth being kept from her. Roman pretend to blow off his meetings and offers to take Blake on a road trip.  

Tasha (Audrey Esparza) is being blocked by lawyers but Patterson may have a long shot. Patterson’s team is suddenly attacked by the sonic weapon. She realizes the secret weapon is real and active.

As Kurt searches for the head engineer of the sonic weapon, Roman reveals his true name with Blake and confesses he really is in love with her. After hallucinating about being stabbed by Blake, Roman comes up with a different confession.

It turns out Avery’s father was involved in the making of the sonic weapon. As everyone searches for Ganzman, the sonic weapon is turned on. While the sound waves get stronger, Jane and Audrey use the humvee to destroy the weapon.

After Roman stabs Ganzman to death, he ends up in a shootout with Jane. She says he’s a monster that needs to be put down. Jane runs out of bullets, giving him time to escape. As Roman contemplates leaving, Avery accepts leaving with Jane and Kurt.

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 19, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Galaxy of Minds” Episode 319 — Pictured: Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros)

Roman retaliates by flooding the database of the tattoos with false information, making the team work in the dark.

Blindspot continues Fridays at 8m on NBC.

By Jorge Solis