5 Reasons To Get Josh Holloway & Sarah Wayne Callies’ ‘Colony: Season 2’ DVD!

Colony: Season 2, DVD

(Courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is bringing audiences Colony: Season 2 on DVD. Relive the riveting sci-fi drama from USA Network, starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies, and all your favorite exciting moments from the nail-biting second season.

In the not far future of Colony, outside forces have occupied the United States. With a security force that rules with an iron fist, Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) Bowman have a mixed view of the occupation.  There are those willing to give information about their neighbors and help keep the peace. But some are staging a resistance and fighting back.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Colony: Season 2 on DVD:

5. Sc-Fi At Its Best

The science-fiction genre works when the theme has something to say about human nature. Colony has much to say with its thought-provoking social commentary, especially when the issue concerns The Wall. Defying authority in Sublimation, Will (Holloway) climbs up the Wall and gives a big “F-U” middle finger at the border patrol.   

4. The Chemistry

What makes the show work is the captivating chemistry between Holloway and Callies. Not only are the Lost actor and Prison Break actress compelling when on-screen together, they carry their own charisma separately. They deliver such knockout performances with their ensemble cast, everyone is bringing their A-game.

3. Started From The Bottom

Peter Jacobson deserves so much applause for his performance as Alan Snyder. In the second season, Snyder has been demoted to a warden at a low-level prison yard. Wanting to get back to his previous rich lifestyle, Snyder schemes his way back to the top and uses his quick wits to improvise through the hurdles.   

2. The Action Sequences!

Along the many plot twists and character arcs, the  USA drama sure knows how to punch up the gritty action. In Seppuku, Holloway and Callies are action stars in their own right as the suspenseful tracking shot dives into Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) territory.

1. That Ending!

With the Bowman family reunited, they were able to escape Los Angeles before mysterious aliens were firing up their spaceships. In a series of cliff-hangers, several lives are hanging by a thread, including Madeline (Amanda Righetti). Trapped with the other prisoners, Madeline has been given a front row seat at the end of the world. 

Colony: Season 2 arrives on DVD June 20th 2017.

– By Jorge Solis